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    Installation and usage

    To use the Java classes I've created, you need to install javax-usb.

    Download javax-usb
    To use javax-usb for Linux you need to go to and download the following files:

    • jsr80-1.0.1.jar (The javax.usb API package)
    • jsr80_ri-1.0.1.jar (The javax.usb RI (OS-Independent) package)
    • (The javax.usb RI for Linux package)
    • jsr80_linux-1.0.1.jar (The javax.usb RI for Linux package)
    • (The javax.usb RI for Linux package)

    Setup javax-usb
    Follow the instructions at to setup javax-usb for Linux. In short you need to place the .jar-file and .properties-file in your CLASSPATH, and add the JNI library somewhere it will be found. Remember to rename the downloaded files (remove the version tag at the end).

    As suggests, you must make sure it's possible to access USB devices through your filesystem. Typically that can be done by running the command mount -o devmode=0666 usbfs /proc/bus/usb.

    Download Java software
    Of course, you need to download the Java software for the USB Missile Launcher. I only provide you with the source code, so you must compile that and you'll be all ready.

    Testing the USB Missile Launcher
    You can run a test application I've created by using the command java UsbMissileLauncherDemo demo. The launcher should then do some movement and fire two missiles. Also run java UsbMissileLauncherDemo to see details on how you can control the launcher from command line.

    Using the USB Missile Launcher through the web
    If you deploy the missilelauncher.war you'll be able to control your missile launcher through the web!

    You need a 'launch code' (a parameter you can change in web.xml). For example, the URL would cause the missile launcher to move up, up, left, left, fire, fire, down, right.

    Developing own apps with the Java USB Missile Launcher controller
    See the Javadoc for the class UsbMissileLauncherController to see how you can control the missile launcher in your own apps. Also see the class UsbMissileLauncherDemo for example usage.