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USB Missile Launcher
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    Q: Does your library work with Windows?
    A: Well, it is Java. You know - 'Write once, run everywhere'. However, I don't know about any free implementations of the USB API (JSR 80) for Windows. So the answer is yes, but no.

    Q: Doesn't Java Communications API support USB?
    A: No. You can take a look at the FAQ at where Sun states that 'We are investigating adding support for other low-level communication protocols.'

    Q: Wow, this is cool. Can I use your lib for my own apps?
    A: Sure, go ahead, do whatever you want. :)

    Q: I have trouble getting this stuff to work. Can you help me?
    A: Start out by checking out the FAQ at If it doesn't answer your Q, I could always give it a try. Send me an e-mail at [Address] and I'll see what I can do. I can't promise you an answer if I'm too busy. Sorry.

    Q: How can I contact you?
    A: Please mail me [Address].